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Japanese Straight Perm Q & A

Q, How long does the JP straight perm process take?

A, 3-6 hours, depending on the hair type, length, amount of hair, damage level.

Q How many days should I wait to wash my hair after this treatment?

A, You should not wash your hair for 24hours.

Q, Can I have JP straightening and colour at the same time?

A, No. It will result in hair damage if you have done same time. It is better to colour after 2 weeks.

Q, How long does JP straight perm last?

A, Hair that is treated with JP straight perm will remain straight almost permanently. I recommend that you get JP straight perm roots touch up every 4 to 6 months, but it depends on your natural hair curls and how quickly your hair grows.

Q, I have done YUKO hair straightening 6 months ago.  Can I still have JP straightening done?

A, It will not be a problem.

Q,  I have done a Brazilian or Keratin treatment before. Can I still have JP straight perm done?

A, No. Please wait 3-4 months until the Brazilian or Keratin treatment coating is completely off your hair.

Q, Can this treatment be applied to highlighted hair ?

A, No, Highlights can keep your hair from straightening all over the place. In the places where it is damaged by the highlights, waves can remain in the hair.

Q, Is there formaldehyde in the products?

A, No, JP Straight products are formaldehyde free.